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G E N E R A L / L I F E S T Y L E

Tangerine Canteen Planning For Christmas

Holidays are indeed coming, but am I excited? Erm, no, ot one bit & I don’t know why because it is hands down my favourite time of the year. The lights are up everywhere, there has been mulled wine in the shops for weeks & even Starbucks have whipped out the red cups. I know it’s only November & the pressure is on a little bit to start thinking about Christmas earlier & earlier, but what can you do when people are crying over penguins and everywhere is starting to smell like cinnamon?! So, in a vain attempt to get myself in the festive spirit, I started planning all the things I want to attempt to get done in the next couple of weeks, ready for the main event! It’s working…

All the above images are pinned to my Christmas Pinterest board here.


  1. I have to say I am loving all the recent christmas posts on various blogs and this one is so visually inspiring- going to pop over to your pinterest board now – love the simply styled treat and star bunting

    Laura x


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