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Tangerine Canteen BBQs Galore Post

When the temperatures drop, you may have heaters aplenty to help with this, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as beating the cold with hot food in your belly! And when it comes to keeping the chef warm while he or she cooks for the family, there’s no solution more perfect than a barbeque. If you don’t have one, now’s the perfect time to rectify this. To get an idea of units on the market, browse the online catalogue of a BBQ retailer such as Barbeques Galore In the meantime, here are five barbeque meal ideas to warm up your family on a cold day or night.

A cool day or chilly evening can seem like a good excuse to shut ourselves inside with a blanket. But lower temperatures don’t have to discourage us from dining or cooking outside… with these delicious and hot meal suggestions, the family can keep warm and satisfied naturally


Chicken skewers are perfect for a light meal combined with salad or an afternoon snack. Be sure to serve with the sauce or dressing of your choice. This meal is also ideal for large gatherings when there are more people than places at the table, as people will be able to easily eat while standing.


Head down to the local fresh fish store and gather a healthy collection of fish, prawns, crab, and anything else that takes your family’s fancy. Put it all on the barbeque to create a seafood buffet that will taste delicious and warm up everybody’s bodies and spirits alike.


Bacon and chicken are two of the most popular types of meat and they go together surprisingly brilliantly, just like peanut butter and chocolate. Both can be cooked either outside on the barbeque or inside in the oven. Either way, prepare for a taste bud delight! Don’t forget to include some veggies or potato salad to balance the extreme meatiness of this unique concoction.


Nothing barbeques quite as perfectly and naturally as lamb. Some cutlets with your family’s favourite salad and sauces is a recipe for success and will keep everyone’s tummies warm and full at the same time. If you want to try something new, try a garlic-rosemary sauce or chili sauce… either will have you and the kids licking your lips for more.


Best kept indoors, pancakes are invariably delicious and suitable for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Combine some scrumptious pancakes with syrup, fruit, and even chocolate, to treat your family to a meal that will warm them up and make them very happy at the same time, regardless of what time of day they’re served. Maple syrup is the traditional favourite topping, but why not get adventurous with something else? Consider trying honey or raspberry sauce.

What other meals do you think belong on this list? Do you have any favourite warm drinks to accompany these meals or act as a dessert? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. I love pancakes; my favourite ways are either with sugar and lemon for a pudding, or the thicker style pancakes served with maple syrup and piles of berries. *Drools*


  2. laurasidestreet says

    I seriously never get bored of pancakes and being a veggie you can dress them up or down – love it

    Laura x


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