Hello, i’m Lia & welcome to Tangerine Canteen – thanks for stopping by!

Tangerine Canteen is a place to find healthy recipes, inspirational and interesting internet finds and small snippets of my life as a 30-something mum of three small folk (Dexter, Florence & India) whilst living in the beautiful city of Bath, UK. I’m not claiming to be Delia or Jamie – I’m 100% self-taught (unless you count that time I worked in a chippy) and sometimes I make some really gross things, but I’ll try not to share those with you. I try to keep it healthy without being annoying and I try to use exciting ingredients without being pretentious – I figure that if I can get my hands on the ingredients without getting on a plane or via the internet, then you probably can too. I also try to not take myself too seriously; one day I’ll be declaring I’m a vegan, the next I’ll probably be eating a fish taco, but either way it’s all good!

You can read more about my influences and inspiration here.


I’ve been blogging ‘seriously’ since the summer of 2011 when I started adapting recipes to fit in with a non-serious medical condition. I needed a place to archive them and used my old personal lifestyle blog, Dizzy Loves Icy.  After a couple of months I started being approached by various companies and brands who were interested in what I was doing, asking me to create recipes around their products, or submit recipes for them to use themselves. This blew my mind a little bit (!) but it inspired me to move my blogging in a slightly different direction. Tangerine Canteen is a move forward into a more laid back approach to building a creative outlet with big dreams for the future, so stay tuned!

I ALWAYS attempt to link with love, and if you think I haven’t or you notice something that I may have missed (or mis-informed) please drop me a line.

S O C I A L   M E D I A

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  1. Jem says

    Lia I think you are such an inspiration I LOVE your your ideas and recipies. Your blog is my best find in ages!!


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